1. We went to check out this school and came across a legendary thirteen stair.  These California spots have a lot of history.  We left the first spot fairly quickly and cruised to another big one.  I snapped a photo of our whole crew skating past football practice, the dichotomy speaks for itself.  We checked out one more spot in Redondo before sitting in some traffic on our way to Los Angeles.  Once we arrived at a spot in L.A., we played basketball to warm up and got kicked out shortly after.  Burger King was our dinner spot of choice (I don’t like to eat fast food, but at least the King has a veggie burger), and we checked out one more legendary spot in the rain before calling it a day.    After skating we hung out at Julian’s for a while, and I got this photo of David cuddling with Paco.  I miss my dogs! 

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