1. Jeff’s first bath, during and after.

  2. Jeff sometimes doesn’t sleep in any of his designated sleeping spaces. And sometimes he sleeps on his back.

  3. Tried passing out and instead woke up to my best friends. Long Beach, California. February, 2014.

  4. Cutting the line at the border. Mexicali, Mexico. February, 2014.

  5. Ryan, Blake, and Don during the morning recovery. Mexicali, Mexico. February, 2014.

  6. Leo and Mark in a Mexicali hotel room. February, 2014.

  7. "Where are we going?"

    Mark’s scared.

    Mexicali, Mexico. February, 2014.

  8. Travesura before leaving the States for Mexico. Calexico, California. February, 2014.

  9. Palm Springs en route to Mexico. February, 2014.

  10. Myself at the LACMA. Los Angeles, California. February, 2014.

    Photo by Noel Boyt